Process / Treatment

High Quality, High Grade Products are Manufactured by Our Skills

E-1 Processing Skills

1. Precision Press Processing (2-D, 3-D, Manufacturing & Maintenance Mold)

2. 挽き物?ProcessAluminum / Titanium / Stainless Steelの切削-cutting, slice?、孔あけ-perforate, drill, punch?

3. Engraving Process

4. Welding Process

5. Dyeing Process

6. Milloring Finish(鏡面?) Process

E-2 Surface Treatment

1. Alumite Treatment"Al-Leather"Double / Triple Dyeing Alumite, Colorized Dyeing Alumite

2. Hard Alumite Treatment

3. Buff Polishing

4. Dissociate Polishing

5. Chemical Polishing

6. Sand Blast Treatment

7. Hairline Treatment

8. Diamond-Cut Disposal

9. Silk Screen Printings

10. Clear Coat TreatmentFrom Usually Hardness To Super Hardness

11. Specific Treatment for TitaniumPositive Electric Oxidize TreatmentChemical Polishing, etc.

note) "Al-Leather" is a trademark of Tanaka Sangyo Corp.