Pearl White Finishing

Ultra Glossy(Red)

Pearl Gold



Ultra Glossy+Diamond Cutting

Ultra Glossy+AL-Leather

Rear Boss / General rib Casting

(Mechanical accessory installation image)

High Purity Aluminum
-Because we use die casts, we can construct “impossible” shapes in the press products.
-We provide the option to construct bosses and ribs with the same wall thickness as plate material.
-Because of its high purity, we can achieve an ultra-metallic gloss for aluminum.
-We can use an anodized aluminum coloring process that is the same as aluminum plate material.
-We can process using sand blasting, chemical polishing, and electrolytic polishing the same material,
as well as
 perform diamond cutting and add color to engravings.
-This is ideal for exterior accessories which combine and support the structure of products that need
to be small and
 light-weight, such as small sounders, digital cameras, movie cameras, cell phones,
and so on.

-We can guarantee a strength and hardness of HV:40 or more.

-With a corrosion resistance more than equal to JIS A-1050 material.

We are proud to have developed surface finishing technology,
the "CERA-CAST / High Purity Aluminum",
that realizes the dreams of our designers and engineers.